Thursday, April 28, 2011

These iguana's are every where, just as many as there are those damn Chickens!

AHHHHHHHHHHHH Wedding Mania! <3 <3

Happy Easter Grand Cayman Style. White Sands! Sun Shine!

Adrienne and Talula! Look at those tires! They are as small as her purse!

Where I live, this practically my front yard or back yard! Depending on how you look at it!

Rum Point! As promised by Nicolle. We took the picture where they said they would before landing on the Rock!

First Night at our number one Pub - Triple Crown. This is our bartender Scott, we closed down the Pub three nights!

Last night at Triple Crown bar with our Signature Drinks. Guinness, Vodka Diet Coke, Magners with a glass of Ice!

Pictures by Nicolle and Adrienne!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hibbidy Hop Week - Friends Visit

It's been 2 months since I landed on this ROCK!

It sure is flying by and I am settling into a routine! Motivated to wake up and "just do it" I attended two yoga sessions at "Bliss" and loved them both! I have felt this pull to give yoga a try again. It's been about 7 years since I first tried my first yoga class, back in college, I had no patience for the "workout" that concentrated more on your breathing than it did on your muscles; or so I thought! After several attempts of walking into the double doors down the street and asking, the very in shape ladies, the questions, like, "How advance are these classes and which should I start with?" And giving the ladies the whole spill how I was interested on working on my MIND BODY & SOUL while on Island and I loved the idea behind yoga but never had the patience for it, they all three said the same thing, "you can start anytime, just go at your own pace, our next class is in an hour!" I chose to go to HOT and KUNDALINI.

WOW! The first class Hot: This practice follows a specific sequence of postures. The room is heated to approximately 89 degrees to facilitate safe, deep stretching, a detoxifying sweat and a healthy glow. This class is recommended to beginners and suitable for all levels of students.
The second, Kundalini: This energizing flow combines undulating movements in the spine, dynamic Pranayama (Prana expanding techniques), visualization of the chakras and chanting to purify the subtle body. This is a means to awaken the potential energy (Kundalini), which exists in a small bowl at the base of the spine. Rhythmic action and breath is used to facilitate the movement of this energy from the Root to the Crown, uniting the male-female, sun-moon, effort-surrender energies known as Shiva-Shakti. This union of energy is the aim of Kundalini yoga: a resolution of duality into unity again, a fusion with the absolute.

Boy was I sweating, I mean the mat was wet and my muscles pulsing! Needless to say I got a GREAT workout. I felt my muscles awaken, it's funny because when I started thinking about it I have done yoga all my life but never opened my mind to it! It's definitely recommended! Namesta.

I was feeling great going into my weekend, to top it off I had my traveling buddy Nicolle coming for spring break with her college friend Adrienne! I had to work the first couple of days however they got around just fine - it's not like I live in the City, I live on a Island that is 22 miles long! Knowing, friends were in town my supervisor scheduled my days off after one another and I had the last FIVE days off to spend with them!

By the end of the week they made friends with the locals, and we Crowned our favorite hang out, Triple Crown Pub! Where we closed the bar down two nights! Have you ever heard of a Chick-a-ma-doo? Okay, so it is actually a Cheeky Vimto! It is made up of one or two shots of ruby port and one 275ml bottle of Blue WKD. Served in a Classy cup - por su puesto, for I am a Classy Lady! It was night to remember, we even had a touch of Hollywood - Hayden Panettiere was at the Triple Crown - or so I am told! Oh I believe I gave a guy my number this night... and as they were telling my roommate how much he fancied me, my roommate says, "Liam, oh he is a sweetie. You know he's gay, right?" Story of my life, story of my life! Not surprised!
The following day was spent recovering - eeek 7pm, feeling alive again.

We rented a Daihatsu Charade, which Adrienne and Nicolle named Tulula, I opted not to drive :-) and Nicolle took the wheel, driving on the OTHER side of the road for the first time! We drove along the coast to capture the beautiful scenery, our Destination RUM POINT! It's my personal favorite place on Island - crystal blue surrounding you! Gorgeous! I have heard about this point by Rum Point where you can see and play with Star Fish. I approached this couple who were getting into their car to leave the site, "Is there where we can see Star Fish?" The man probably about 70 years old, said they had been visiting Cayman the past 30 years and there use to be "millions" of Star fish but as time has gone on there have been less, he wished luck and said "look for sea shell, they eat sea shells". So we went on our way, this is when Nicolle got stung by a JELLY FISH! OOOOOOOuch! A week later I hear they had to "shut down" Sting Ray City because there was a report of 20 people being stung by Jelly Fish! That's a lot people peeing on their own legs!

This little Mexican is turning into a Black Bean! Oh gosh did I just type this!!! But that is best to describe how much sun has taken a liking to my skin... eeeeek, needless to say I am excited for La Prairie's new Sun Collection!

Home sick? I have my days but then I think back of how I waited for this and how blessed I am for this experience. And of course having friends and family visit brings a taste of home to Island! I am looking forward to my June trip back home. For the two U2 concerts, por su puesto, but seeing friends and family too and maybe a trip to King Taco and Target! I miss my Target trips.

But tonight I stay up and update this blog while I wait for the big event, the Wedding of the Century! HRH William and Kate Middleton! Did I mention it's a National Holiday? Everything is closed, banks, grocery stores, my favorite breakfast spot and liquor stores!

Until Next Post...


Monday, March 28, 2011

answering questions...

  • As I am walk the sand streets of Seven Mile Beach... I have these blogs entries running through my head but I take forever to write them down... sorry for the long delays, how about if I answer random questions I receive via email, facebook or skype???? So this blog is dedicated to My Seniors, Tio and Tia Lulu!
    Their questions "
    wondering what the population is? Is there any sharks? Not "Men" sharks..Lol Did u find a place? How far from Belize or Cuba?"
  • Ok the population is about 60,000 mostly expats - like me. I work with a lot of Canadians and Philippinos, and Romanians... but there are like 50 different cultures working in the Ritz-Carlton. There are no Fish sharks that I am aware of I think the water is too warm, wait I did hear someone mention there was a sighting last year... so maybe, but not like JAWS or was it.. uh oh I don't remember, maybe I should ask again! I'll get back to this question. Men sharks, there are those, I found one the other night, no worries I didn't take the bait... ummmm maybe don't tell them that I don't want them to worry!
  • the other night... I was walking home from work, ludie da and this honda honked so I looked back and I said "OH Raymond, from work, how nice, sure I'll take the ride. So he pulled over and waited as I tried to cross the street through the
    traffic. and I was a little embarrassed becasue there was so much traffic and there he was pulled to the side waiting on me... I approach the window and I say "OH you aren't my friend, he says it's okay... Umm oh No thank you. I guess it happens quite often where random people pull over to pick up people walking but no worries I know better...
  • Then yesterday morning I jump on the bus, which are old Volkswagon Buses, there also nicer vans too. I was asked by the bus driver if I was married but I didn't understand him the first three times he asked I just kept saying Ritz please, then I understood and I said no... then he asked you have boyfriend mon... and the light turned on my head, I said yes yes, then he said Oh I was going to snatch you up if you weren't.... ummmmmmm Men sharks yes, but I'm no sardin!!!!

    I have found a place... I move in next week or the week after... my ideal price and close to work!!!
  • on the beach and I have my OWN bath- own bath is a MUST! I walk to work and in the mist of finding a bike, hopefully one with a basket!
  • Cuba is a 45 minute or less flight it's just north of the Island. to the right, 45 minutes away as well is Jamaica! A lot of Jamaica, imagine all the mexicans in California replaced with Jamaicans... It's so close and so they say a better economy here.

    As for theaters, ummm not so much, still playing is YOGI BEAR 3D... I have felt like oh I catch a movie.... perhaps next week.

    It's been a month already March 23rd, crazy huh?! I can honestly say I am not ready to return and I enjoying my laid back experience, I mean really when will have the opportunity to wake up and say "wait, I have no body to answer to, if I want to go lay out on the beach all day I can, I only have myself to answer to" It felt like that scene when Kevin wakes up and he realizes no one is in the house and he starts jumping on the bed!" Yup, "Home Alone"

    I'm meeting people the more people I meet the smaller the Island becomes, I was "Downtown" the other day and Juan Carlos yells out "Jasmine!" Oh shoot "What am I wearing?!" Or walking pass Smoothie King and the girl says Jasmine you didn't come in today for your Macha! Uh oh! hahahaha Chime in the theme song to Cheers!

    until my next entry...

    My friend Nicolle and her Friend are coming down for Spring break and it's Carnival week!!!! WOOHOOO!

    <3 Hasmine

Monday, March 7, 2011

This was taken "downtown" in the Hero's square.

The ONLY Burger KING located on the beach.
Awwww my dad and I in front of The Warp, which is a cute beach side restaurant with beautiful sunsets. We enjoyed the view, red stripes and appetizers. Tasty!
This has to be a Pirate Ship!!!! Yes, this was actually taken by my camera! This was the sunset we witnessed while drinking the Red Stripes!

Sunday, March 6, 2011


So epic fail, I forgot to pack or more like I packed the wrong USB cord! Unfortunately I don't have the right cord to connect my camera to my computer in order to upload PICTURES! DOH!!!!!
I will look into uploading the chip onto a CD at a local camera shop and uploading them that way... Lo SIENTO!
On the camera I took pictures of the Roosters and Hens that are roaming the island... I mean seriously they are everywhere, even in front of a KFC, you know to think about it there are a lot of KFCs... hmmmmmmmmmm
Supposedly after the BIG ONE (Hurricane Ivan) they appeared all over the island. They are now the Island's pet.
And in the morning, they don't fail to give you your morning wake up call KOOOO KA ROOO KA ROOOOO!!!!
I am still settling in, I am looking for a place to call home, though the location is great - 1.5 miles from the Ritz, on the Beach with 3 pools and a gym on site, I'm not sure the dorm life is for me anymore!!! So has been a frequent web visit - it's the island's craigslist and target too, you will find everything from Rentals to hangers to bikes etc etc. I did find one place that looks very appealing but haven't heard back from the Contact... See what happens.
I had my first Boat trip - to Sting Ray City on a Thursday afternoon. Because the Spa was NUMBER 2 (only second the NEW Ritz that opened up early 2010) the Hotel Manger sponsored a boat trip with drinks and snacks to Sting Ray City. They actually close the spa!
It was beautiful, I mean crystal clear waters - you can see the white sands and the weather was perfect, So imagine resting on a boat with glass (cup) of wine in one hand and the sun ray beaming on you like a warm blanket and the wind is blowing in your hair! A gorgeous afternoon, to say the least. Once we arrived to the spot, which is in the middle of the water, you get into the sky blue water with the white sand - now it's not deep, though you're literally in the MIDDLE of the water, it only reached to my shoulders when the "wave" reached the highest point. For all you tall people, I know everyone is taller than me, it's really shallow! Once I was in the water these "mushroom with tails" came towards me, I am trying to keep cool but of course a scream or two comes out and I am so afraid to STEP on them (we all know what happened to the Crocodile hunter)! It reminded me of Venice, Italy instead of Pigeons, Sting Rays! They look and feel like wet mushrooms. I kept asking my new friends to "take a picture" once I get those emailed to me I will post them on here! I guess I kept calling out for a picture that my nickname is now "take my picture", well I wanted to capture the moment! hahaha
It was a very nice afternoon. I learned about the different types of boats and found out that Cuba is really not hard to visit so it may just happen...
My FATHER is visiting me, it has been a very nice visit! While I've been at work he has been relaxing and wondering around the island. We stopped in at the local pub and enjoyed a brewski together while listen to the NOT so American Idol wannabe's eeek, no I didn't get on the mic, save that for another night. I did find out where the local Irish hang out <3 ha hahahha.
The sunsets are stunning. There is nice picture on my camera :-) We walked about 5 miles that day.
We plan on jumping on the local bus and venture around the island tomorrow - RUM POINT...
Until then



Saturday, February 26, 2011

How's it going????

Well, it's been almost one week, time flies even on an Island! Sorry, I have not been up to date. My goal is to post a picture, a sentence, a paragraph, something and I figure why not blog about it!
I landed on the Island on Tuesday afternoon and have felt extremely welcomed by everyone, had a little sign with my name on it and I'm known as the girl from Beverly Hills - ha ha.
The Spa is BEAUTIFUL!!!! A true spa, complete with a Sanctuary room and an Angel room. The Sanctuary room has a very spacious changing area that leads to the showers, a steam, a sauna and a jacuzzi. When you enter the Angel room you are lead to your own little nook where you enjoy books and perhaps some cookies, fruits, or some nuts and of course fruit infused water. The decor is simple and elegant - silver and white.
I have been taking in a lot of information about The Ritz, Did you know Cesar Ritz is the man behind "line-ups"? Yes, he began this tradition back in the early 1900's. I find The Ritz is a very family orientated company - they have many family activities. For instance, Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ambassadors of the Environment (AOTE) is an educational program dedicated to engaging people of all ages with their natural and cultural environment. It's a really neat program they have for the kids, they learn how to make recycled paper, and go out on excursions. They also provide a lot outings for instance because the Spa is the # 1 (NUMBER ONE) Spa in gallup scores in all 73 properties we get a Boat PARTY - hey!!!!!!
I will be sure to take my camera then. The weather has been fantastic - it's not as humid as I thought it would be. I walk to work - no car for now and I am very content with it! :-)
I am able to receive mail at the hotel just send it attention Silver Rain Spa Jasmine Samano.
Just an FYI: all packages are checked and subject to a duty tax. Bah Humbug.
They use two currencies here the USD and the CI it's a little confusing for me right now so I will have wait and see about this whole 0.80 CI to $1 USD. Everyone says I will be saving quite a bit so lets wait and see.
Thank you all for the support.
I will take pictures -